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Hands-on programming and tasks to turn information into knowledge.

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Critical skills sampling, individual and group support; certification.

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Unique, in-depth content; complex technology in simple language.

At the age of remote work, organizations have no choice but to rely on technology and people, their productivity and collaboration. Our courses are built to fill any possible gap between people and technology. Get to the stage where technology fully supports people and business with our top training courses.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training was created for rapidly growing customer-centric Canadian businesses interested to establish unified sales and customer service procedures and standards.
Customer-Centric Business Operations Training is a hands-on training framework that increases team productivity, cuts operational costs, and leads to additional revenue generation. 

Digital Marketing

This course was built based on our experience of working with Canadian small and medium businesses over the last two years.
The goal of this training is to provide employees with a basic understanding of the digital marketing essentials and enable them to identify how those can and must be applied to their business situations.

Change Management

This course will cover the “mechanics“ of managing change. Explore the tools and processes for creating a structured approach to transitioning an organization to a future state and how the change management practitioner can successfully support the development of a comprehensive change strategy.

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Choose one or a series of courses that give you the competitive advantage over other organizations, and become the digital avantgarde in your industry.

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Carefully crafted learning materials help you start light and get deep as you feel more and more comfortable with the knowledge.

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Each of our trainers bears over 10 years of professional experience and certifications in their field of work.

About BizTechTraining

BizTechTraining is a consulting and training company founded by Toronto-based Change Management, Business Technology, and Digital Marketing experts.

We started BizTechTraining because we believe that every employee and employer deserves professional and confident knowledge to operate effectively. Fully integrated revenue generation infrastructure makes businesses efficient, adaptable, and competitive. We convert decades of experience across industries and markets into each and every client’s success.

Our lead trainers :

Anton Tchernikovsky – Business Process Automation, Sales Operations, Customer Service, Business Systems

Kira Tchernikovsky – Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, CRM

Ivan Sinenko – Business Excellence, Change Management, CRM


Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

CSMCSM, Scrum Alliance, Credential ID 000749402

PMP, Project Management InstituteProject Management Institute, Credential ID 2145197